GAMERIZE Energy 280 g Cherry-Cola
GAMERIZE Energy 280 g Cherry-Cola
280 g
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Gamerize is a special product prepared for amateurs and enthusiasts of computer games and E-sport players in the form of powder for preparing a drink.

GAMERIZE ENERGY is dedicated togamers and e-sportsto give them a boost for intense and long-hour sessions. It can also be successfully used by people who spend many hours in front of the computer,students and drivers.


The composition of GAMERIZE ENERGY is a combination of plant extracts (ashwagandha, bacopa smallleaf, ginkgo biloba), substances called nootropics and many other active ingredients (taurine, citrulline, caffeine).


  • Vitamin A helps maintain proper vision.
  • Magnesium helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and weariness.
  • Vitamin B6 helps maintain normal psychological functions.
Serving size: ~1 Scoop (7 g)
Servings per container: 40
Amount in 7 g
Taurine 1000 mg
Choline bitartrate 750 mg
   of which choline 308 mg
L-tyrosine 500 mg
Citrulline malate 500 mg
   of which citrulline 333 mg
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) 250 mg
Magnesium 157 mg (42% NRV)
Glucuronolactone 150 mg
Caffeine 150 mg
Bacopa monnieri leaves extract 120 mg
   of which bacosides 60 mg
Ashwagandha root extract 100 mg
   of which withanolides 1,5 mg
Ginkgo biloba leaves extract 80 mg
   of which flavonoid glycosides 19,2 mg
Blueberry fruit extract 25 mg
Niacin 16 mg NE (100% NRV)
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg (100% NRV)
Vitamin A 800 µg RE (100% NRV)

NRV – Nutrient Reference Values